We’ve had a busy week from two-hour doctor visits for a well check-up for William to a job interview for me at the high school where I used to work to lots of various home repair.  Basically, our roof was rotted—but that’s cool. Then, there was the plumbing leak underneath the house and all the smelly, sitting water. Let’s just throw in a little black mold on some of the drywall, thanks to the roof rot, shall we?  Yes, so it would be great to maybe have some more income rolling in because the air conditioner isn’t getting any younger either.

It would also be great because I love the high school where I used to teach. The students make camo look adorable and I could tell today that everyone from the principal to the teachers to the students take a lot of pride in what they are doing there.

We’ve managed to snap a few of the kids, so here’s a few for the grandmas, especially.

October 2012 001

The whole prospect of going back to work has helped kick up my stay-at-home routine up a notch. I always think I’m a person who decorates for the holidays, but for whatever reason, I know the pumpkin won’t get bought until days before Halloween. Still, we managed to make some Halloween rice krispie treats to bring to Clara’s first Tallahassee birthday party.

October 2012 005

October 2012 009

Before we realized that we would be rebuilding our house this year, we celebrated the arrival of the Alaska PFD with a used bike for Aaron, and thanks to the Piehs, we have this sweet bike trailer that Clara loves to ride in.

October 2012 011

She does love it, though this picture may indicate otherwise.

October 2012 023

And after receiving a very polite request from my mom for more pictures of the Big W on this here blog, I told Aaron to snap away.  Here’s my big guy holding his head up like he’s six-months-old.

October 2012 027

We can make little guy smile just about anytime we want so we tried to get one of the face that can light up an entire house. I love my kids.


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2 responses to “10/12-10/18

  1. Yay…so glad to see Clara enjoying the bike trailer, and the clothes…a little bit of us is with her. And that William…he’s a cutie! Give them hugs and kisses from us. 🙂

  2. Nancy

    William is so big! Are his eyes turning blue? Clara is going to be a great cook like her mom.

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