Picture Time

Hi there. I’ve got lots to say about the new job and day care, but for now, there must be sleep.  Here are just a few pictures to fill in the gaps.

Clara and William love to snuggle on Mom and Dad’s bed.  Clara was forcing him to hold hands, but lately she’s been a silly muffin when I try to take her picture.

October 2012 006

Here, she’s my shaggy muffin. We’re still growing those bangs out because, truly, once this job business gets underway, I’m not sure when we’ll be squeezing in hair cuts (not that we’ve been real worried about it in the past.) Clara’s taking up coloring these days and even puts the crayons up when she’s finished.  She also still throws plenty of tantrums, but I hear she’s not alone among two-year-olds.

October 2012 012

Yes, I spend a fair amount of time trying to keep this from happening, especially right before doctor’s appointments. Can’t have the doc thinking I don’t notice all that hair in her eyes, but, as you can see, . . .

October 2012 013

This picture is meant to show off my strapping young 80th percentile baby boy.

October 2012 017

October 2012 019

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  1. He’s so handsome!! Really, I’m e-mailing tomorrow!

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