The Cowgirl-Farmer and Lion-Chicken

On Friday, we took the kids to a neighborhood Fright Night that involved an hour-long wait for a balloon-twisting clown and a 7:30 p.m. showing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  Mostly, we chased Clara around the neighborhood and checked out a Mercedes-Benz mini-van that came with hardwood floors. 

One night a few weeks ago, Clara told me she wanted to be a farmer for Halloween and she wanted William to be a chicken. We always learn a little more about ourselves around the holidays. Well, there’s one thing I won’t do for Halloween and that’s spend forty-bucks on a costume that a baby will wear for two hours.  Another thing I won’t do is spend two hours on the internet looking for a farmer’s costume for a two-year-old girl.  If Halloween is a test, and I’m afraid it might be, I have failed this first meaningful attempt: not only did I not even consider making a costume but I couldn’t even manage to find the costume requested by my darling girl.  And then I go and buy the costumes at Walmart.  But, the cowgirl costume is a distant cousin to the girl-farmer costume and a lion, like a chicken, is an animal, so perhaps I will give myself some extra credit and raise that grade to a D+ for Clara’s first real Halloween. We did, after all, buy a pumpkin.

Clara was pretty thrilled about being a cowgirl and I think she’s pretty stinkin’ adorable.


October 2012 001

October 2012 003

William wasn’t exactly thrilled about paw-shaped booties and his lion mane, but he’s a good sport.

October 2012 006

Saturday morning, Aaron took Clara out for a gator hunt. No gators, but they saw lots of swamp.

October 2012 017

Aaron said that Clara insisted on helping by bringing the paddle up to the kayak from the lake.

October 2012 022

Clara has also taken to running.  It’s about a mile from our neighborhood playground to the house and she has nearly ran the whole thing.  (This, by the way, is not our neighborhood.)

October 2012 036

Our Aunt Bev and Uncle Dan came to visit today for a lunch and trip to the park.  It was one of those visits when William sleeps soundly through lunch and Clara plays by herself for a half hour while we talk over Boston Cream Pie. Clara asks to be held by Aunt Bev and when it’s time to leave the park, she, still learning names, points to Uncle Dan and says, “I want to go home with this.”  You can’t bribe your children with enough M and M’s for a day like today. Some days, we actually look like we know what we’re doing.

October 2012 027

Above, Clara gets a good chase from Uncle Dan and below, Aunt Bev shows her how to make phone calls on the playground.

October 2012 032

October 2012 035

October 2012 039

Below, Clara checks out their sporty little Mini Cooper and lets us know that all it’s missing is a car seat.

October 2012 043

William spent most of the visit either sleeping or being coaxed into sleep by Mom, but we did manage to steal one shot of him and Aunt Bev.

October 2012 044

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