Clara had her first day at day care last Monday while I took William to get myself fingerprinted. We packed her morning snack and lunch, brought out the new shoes, and filled Elmo with diapers and spare set of clothes.  It feels frighteningly close to real school and she looks frighteningly older than my little baby Clara.

October 2012 001

Last night we took the kids to Tallahassee’s hopping Halloween neighborhood in Midtown. Clara walked the streets pretty darn confidently for the most part.

October 2012 012

The houses here go all out with the decorations. There are hundreds and hundreds of people walking its streets. Here are a couple shots of some of the more spectacular displays:

October 2012 011

So those are fake dead people hanging from the spider’s web.

October 2012 013

This was a cute costume. I wonder if I’ll ever get this excited about my kids’ Halloween wear  . . .

October 2012 021

Of course, what’s the Halloween before a major election without any politics? I thought she was going as a women’s bathroom until Aaron pointed out that this is what has been called a “binder” in a recent presidential debate.

October 2012 023

Here’s the cutest thing on the block, caught with her hand in her bucket. The last part of the video is my fave.

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  1. Love the video!! More videos!!! Can’t wait to show it to Anna tomorrow. Love you all!

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