Fair We Go ‘Round

Before we get to the pictures of the fair, I wanted to include this one of Clara and William because William tends to have this look on his face a lot when left on the bed to be “loved” by Clara. I often think he’s looking at me with a sort of pleading look.  Clara loves to “nuggle baby” and hug and kiss him whenever she can and he gives me this look that is part acceptance of the fate that is the younger sibling and part desperation.

November 2012 001

We went to the North Florida Fair last night and had a great time.  I had no idea the fair had gotten so expensive (this picture cost us $5, for instance.) But Clara was awestruck by all the lights and smells, and even just walking around was a ride in and of itself.

November 2012 011

And, thank goodness, for the 4-H Club or else that pretty little admittance fee we paid to get in might have gone to waste.  We spent a lot of time looking at prize-winning cows, chickens, yaks, goats, and llamas.  Clara maintains that her favorite part of the night was watching a cow get a haircut.

November 2012 024

November 2012 029

So, the cows were great, but, really, what’s a fair without a Rastafarian banana?

November 2012 037

We also took some time to watch the ride Top Spin dump people’s stomachs into their mouths.  We spent a few minutes trying to guess who was the sickest and marveling at how so much ride will ultimately be packed away in a truck again in a few weeks. 

A beautiful Ferris Wheel.

November 2012 041

We ended the night with a ride in the Jolopy.

November 2012 045

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  1. nrmoore

    Clara definitely looks in charge when she is with William.

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