Hanging Around

I think it’s safe to report that Sam had her baby yesterday morning—a little boy named Jack whom I’ll get to meet this weekend. I’m hoping to whip out my famous swaddle and baby-whisper Jack to sleep, if ever my services are needed. 

Today was my last day as a stay-at-home mom and I tried hard to be extra patient and loving and soak it all up.  We did our thing—lounged around in the morning, went to the park with some friends, and drove around the neighborhood until Clara fell asleep. It’s a little too hard right now to look back because if I think about it too long, I know I’m going to think of these last few years as the sweetest time of my life. Better stop there . . . I refuse to make this the third time in two weeks that I’ve blogged through a bucket full of tears. 

And because they grow up so fast and you never know how good you’ve got it till they’re eighteen and headed off to college, here’s some of us just hanging around.

Here’s William being his super cool, chill baby self while trying out some tummy time.

November 2012 001

After I snapped a few of William, Clara said, “Picture me!” and then gives me this “I’m too haughty for the camera” look.

November 2012 004

I said, “Smile, you silly muffin,” and she manages to show off a couple teeth.

November 2012 005

He might just have blue eyes. Or they might still change.  Either way, he’s going to be a little heartbreaker, I’m afraid.  He definitely has a mom who likes to stare at him all day and smooch his little baby neck twenty times an hour. 

Off to Tampa for a few. Assuming Sam won’t care if I post pictures of her baby all over the internets, I hope to have some of my brand spankin’ new nephew posted in the next few days. 

November 2012 009

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