What They Do When I’m Away

Today on the way back from Tampa, William cried for hours and then stopped as soon as You Swept Me Away started playing.  I just wrapped up a wonderful visit with Samantha, Tim, and Jack and assorted family and friends.  Nothing like a new baby to fill you with hope and love.

And that’s about where I was when the car fell quiet. As the Avett Brothers sang their sweet song, I thought about the first time I convinced Aaron to dance with me at our friend’s Debutante Ball. William smiled at me all weekend; Clara couldn’t stop hugging and kissing my leg when I got home; and when I called to say I would swing by some drive-thru on the way home to pick up dinner without disturbing the finally sleeping William, Aaron said not to worry, he would improvise dinner with what we had at home. Who knew perfection was so ordinary?

As the song neared a minute and then two, I already wanted to start it over and listen to it again. While it played, I thought about starting off so shy ten years ago with Aaron and how fast our song is playing.  I want a rewind button. I could live this life over and over again.

I need to hunt down some pictures from the weekend from my mom’s camera, but since I forgot mine and consequently left Aaron to take some of his weekend with Clara, here’s some footage of the Daddy/Daughter Days:

November 2012 005

The night I left, Aaron and Clara celebrated “Mom’s Gone—No Rules, Just Rights” by eating brats in whatever clothes or towel they felt like and watching some television on the computer with dinner.

November 2012 007

The next day they took a 40 mile round trip bike ride down to the coast. I hear that Clara did not contest once. I’m not sure I could have even lasted that long in a bike trailer. It would seem that I have been made to feel less patient than a two-year-old.

November 2012 012

November 2012 013

November 2012 014

They enjoyed views of the bay before lunching at a café on the water.

November 2012 020

November 2012 026

There is a huge playground at about mile 10, so they stopped there awhile to play.

November 2012 030

They came home and filled the kitchen with all their favorite household items while dancing to Clara’s all-time favorite CD by Mumford and Sons.


Aaron also painted all the trim on our house and made a tuna casserole for our lunches this week since it’s the first week of full-time day care.  More pictures to come of the house once we’ve painted the doors. More pictures of precious baby Jack once I get them from my mom.

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  1. That video brought tears to my eyes. I associate that Mumford CD with AK, and seeing Clara so big and happy–oh it’s too much! Speaking of rewinding, can we rewind like a year and I can be happy about AK winters and have you guys over every day for coffee and play time?! Oh my heart aches!

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