What I’m Thankful For

Been awhile! Between going back to work and Thanksgiving, it’s been hard to commit to a little late-night blogging (and by late night, I mean 9:00 p.m.). We’re back home now after a really great holiday with Aaron’s dad, Aunt Anne, and Uncle Ray.  Clara was all smiles until the very end when she managed to slip in a few tantrums over Mom prematurely finishing the corn off her dinner plate.

On with the pictures. There’s quite a few.

First, I had fun hunting down this picture of Clara and me during our first month in the Alaska cabin back in September of 2010 . . .

September 2010 014

after Aaron took this one two Fridays ago.  Clara is almost seven months old in the picture above and William is not even four months old in the picture below.

November 2012 003

I couldn’t get Clara to take a bottle or a pacifier when it was age-appropriate to do so, but now that William enjoys both, she has to get a “cell phone” (for some reason, this is how she pronounces “pacifier”) from the room when she’s upset. She also likes to be swaddled like a big Clara-burrito and nibble on some of William’s teethers with him.

November 2012 005

Here’s a pretty picture of a pretty girl in front of our growing garden.

November 2012 008

Below is a happy, happy Clara and the rest of the Lohmeyer clan after a Thanksgiving church service.

November 2012 013

Clara was passing out lots of hugs over the break.  You gotta love it when you say, “Give grandpa a hug” and your daughter actually does it.

November 2012 017

As a reward for the hug, Grandpa gives Clara a few tickles, her favorite.

November 2012 018

William is pretty generous with his smiles, especially with his crazy fun Aunt Cheryl.

November 2012 020

They were having some good chuckles until Clara walked over and pronounced that William was “my baby.” William obviously feels torn.

November 2012 021

Three generations of Lohmeyer.

November 2012 025

Uncle Ray gives Aaron and Clara a push on the hammock.  Later that day we used their hot tub. It was sort of perfect.

November 2012 027

More hugs for Grandpa, this time unsolicited.

November 2012 036

Here are a couple of my sweet handsome boy.

November 2012 050

He’s looking all boy, no baby in this picture. All this growing up—make it stop, or at least slow it down.

November 2012 051

Here’s a classic Clara look—part fun, part focus, part rascal.

November 2012 054

And finally, Clara and Aaron riding the school bus.

November 2012 059


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2 responses to “What I’m Thankful For

  1. mpieh

    Fun photos! Clara’s hair is getting so long and pretty, and William is getting so big..and looks so much like Clara! As always, miss you! 🙂

  2. nrmoore

    Wondeful pictures! William is growing so fast! I love the companion photos of Clara in the carrier at 7 months and William at 4. I’m so glad you were able to spend Thanksgiving in Covington.

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