We’re coming off of a great weekend. Grandmas have a way of doing that.  Here are a few shots from the previous couple weeks leading up to Grandma Sharon’s weekend stay.

Clara is all spunk lately.  After a romp in the park, I’ll insist she hold my hand as we cross the street. She’ll retort, “No, I hold my own hand!” and proceed to clasp her hands together in an attempt to thwart my request/threat/command.  She’s also taken to dodging cameras lately or offering a funny face.  See below.

December 2012 003

Here’s one of Aaron handling the kids for what we had hoped would be a decent pre-church photo shoot. Also included is a taste of our new paint job. Somebody stop us before we turn this house into a living Candyland. We’re having a lot of fun with a gallon or two of paint.

December 2012 010

Here Clara is saying “My garden!” as in that’s where I got these.  We’ve harvested some kale and some snap peas so far.

December 2012 012

December 2012 014

We told Clara it was time to decorate the Christmas tree and she went and found some old icing we used to decorate Halloween Rice Krispie treats.  Kids are funny. So are husbands who use, in lieu of an actual belt, some black tie-thing we used to keep the skis secured to the car.

December 2012 016

Probably our favorite room in the house is the front porch. Clara likes to swing while Dad feeds William. We now have to regularly supplement the breastfeeding with formula. That boy eats like 8 ounces every two hours.

December 2012 022

Grandma gets some William love.

December 2012 027

Not to be outdone, Clara joins the lovefest.

December 2012 028

Grandma came stocked with crafts. They’re assembling some Christmas ornaments here. It was great having my mom in town. We did all our Christmas shopping for the kids and went out to dinner and didn’t even balk at the forty-minute wait time. We had two drinks a piece and ate cheesecake for dessert. Indulgence does the body good every now and then.  When the hostess at Jasmine Thai seated us by the window, Aaron joked that they seat all the best-looking couples by window (like valet parking for people), and I had a weird moment where I thought, “Wow, this guy’s really funny! I like him!” and then quickly remembered I knew that already and that we have been married for 9+ years.  Been awhile since our last dinner out . . .

December 2012 032

Two of my favorite Santa’s elves . . .

December 2012 037

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