Christmas First

We’re back from our Christmas visits and with us came a lot of great presents, fond memories, and one heck of a nasty virus.  I am so evidently sick that we’ve had to alter our favorite diaper-changing game.  When we were a one-Clara family, we used to decide who was on diaper duty with a simple round of rock-paper-scissors. Since having the second, the game evolved to rock-paper-scissors-baby, with “baby” and whoever was holding him trumping all. Now, it’s rock-paper-scissors-baby-worst cold of the season.  Kids have a way of drying up your reservoirs of excess compassion, but we’ve managed to take some care of each other through these colds, and all I have to do is hack five minutes straight, and the children are bathed, diapered, pajamed, and I’m sipping a mug of hot water and honey. 

We had a great time visiting family and have a lot of pictures to show for it. If all goes as planned, this should be the first blog of two or three showcasing our Christmas vacation.

Below in Illinois, Clara and Owen talk cousin-talk over some crackers and sippy cups. 

December 2012 085

Sophia gets some William lovin’, which is pretty much the running theme of this post—all the ways to love a baby.

December 2012 091

Here’s Grandma Nancy with her three boys. 

December 2012 093

Aaron and Joe have an annual arm-wrestling face-off.  For Aaron’s sake, I won’t explicitly state who won, but I will say Joe is not only impossible to beat because he’s 1) a former Marine, 2) a Federal Marshall, and 3) a regular at the gym; he’s also impossible to beat because his arm-wrestling fighting words are “No Biceps! No Biceps! No Biceps!”  And, nobody wins at arm-wrestling when they’re laughing at the mock-aggression of their big brother. 

December 2012 099

Clara joins her cousins Sophia, Madelyn, and Meaghan for the annual girls-only cousin photo.  I think Clara is looking very Emily Dickinson in this particular shot.  Heck, all the girls remind me of some famous female literary figure. It must be the cardigans. 

December 2012 105

The boys join the girls for the full cousin shoot.  Clara loves her cousin Owen and all his Hot Wheels.

December 2012 109

Our sweet big girl.

December 2012 115

For the first time ever, we sat through a family meal without some little two-year-old hands pulling on our skirts and pants.  Clara loved spending Christmas meal at the cousin table, and like just about everything else, I spent a few minutes mourning the loss of what I was once so eager to lose.  Suddenly there was no “mommy, hold me” to interrupt my devouring of some German Chocolate pie. How does it all happen so slow and so fast at the same time?

December 2012 119

Let the William files begin.  Sweet boy get some kisses on the feet from his daddy.

December 2012 114

Snuggling with Grandma.

December 2012 135

Telling Grandpa Santa about all the formula he wants for Christmas.

December 2012 136

Looking so handsome in argyle.

December 2012 151

Right now, all I need in this world are those cheeks to kiss twenty times a day.

December 2012 153

Spending some time with Great-Grandma, the Lohmeyer Baby Whisperer.

December 2012 166

Sharing a laugh with Grandma.

December 2012 183

Besides sitting up (thanks to Kelsey for reminding me that it’s about time to give that baby trick a try), William’s new exploit is yanking all the food off our plates. We tried to spoonfeed him some mashed sweet potatoes, but he seems to just want to hold the stuff for now.

December 2012 188

Clara plays with her favorite toy from the Tallahassee Santa—a marble run.  She and Aaron design a new course every night these days.

December 2012 193

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  1. nrmoore

    Great memories of the Christmas visit! I want to hug you all!

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