Christmas Second

One last thing about this cold—it hit hardest in Tampa, so the pictures from those few days are few.  Below are a couple good ones of the kids and my grandpa that my grandpa’s girlfriend Tonya took for us.




I wish I got a few more of my mom and the kids, especially since she and my dad spent a lot of time with them.  I think they had the kids more than we did during the last visit as we headed out for brunch with our old friends from Davidson, Kristi and Adam, and for a New Year’s toast to each other at Macaroni Grill. Next time, I hope to post some pictures of the new Bunk House my dad built where we stayed.  It inspired Aaron to transform our own version of a bunk house, okay—the shed, into a practice room. 

January 2013 003

Dad tries to teach Clara a little bit about sharing. 

January 2013 006

After we got back from our New Year’s dinner, Clara joined us in a toast.  Bright-eyed at 11:30 p.m., that girl would stay up until 2 a.m. if we let her.

January 2013 007

Clara and William’s cousin Luke thinks about holding their other cousin Jack—my sister’s cute baby. It’s a shame the one picture I got of Jack over the weekend has him crying because he never cries. 

January 2013 011

Little sweetheart sitting up like he’s done it all his life.

January 2013 013

Aaron found the most adorable clothing combo for William this morning. Looks like a baby Bruce Springsteen.

January 2013 018

Clara had to complete the look by giving William one of her headbands.

January 2013 021

Aaron took Clara bicycling this morning.  She’s getting it. Also, the next couple pictures feature some old sweatshirts that I had when I was Clara’s age.  They’re now Clara’s favorites, too.

January 2013 023

Lastly, we harvested the carrots from the garden this year.  They’re all pretty short and pudgy, but we’ve learned a few lessons about planting for next season.  This is still the look we get when we say “smile.”

January 2013 024


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3 responses to “Christmas Second

  1. mpieh

    Harvesting carrots in January?! Wow…you’re really not in Alaska anymore! 🙂 Loved seeing all your Christmas photos. One of these days I’ll get all of our Christmas photos up on my blog…probably once the kids are back in school…it’s too nuts around here now. As always, miss you!!!

  2. nrmoore

    Baby Springsteen pictures are cool! William looks so much like Clara in his bathtub photo.

  3. A blog cameo! Thanks for the shout-out 🙂 It was so so good to see you guys. I’m pulling for at least a couple more hours next visit–so much life to share! I’m glad the rest of your visit went smoothly.

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