Picture Me Saturday

The novel I’m reading with my 12th graders, The Mayor of Casterbridge, describes the process by which Michael Henchard gets drunk as the following: after one, he is serene; after two, happy; after three, morose; after four, quarrelsome.  We are finishing off the hottest year on record, and 2013 is off to an equally warm start.  It was in the 80’s last week, and with weekend temperatures in the 70’s, I feel as though we are two drinks in to climate change.  It makes me slightly uncomfortable and nervous that just a few years ago, Tallahassee still had a winter but mostly, I’m one happy, jolly gal enjoying a slight buzz from all this sun. 

Aaron and Clara harvested the last of the broccoli today and planted some strawberries, herbs, onions, and peppers.

January 2013 005

Meanwhile, I pushed the happiest baby on the block in his swing (thanks, Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Alan!) in the backyard.  They say at day care that William is the first baby they’ve ever had who just puts himself to sleep.  He’s one easy-going guy, I have to say.

January 2013 010

January 2013 015

While Aaron finished the planting, we tailgated.

January 2013 019

Clara still loves her brother more than anything.  She is also convinced there is a purple horse that lives in our bedroom that likes to eat her camera and bite her fingers. Really, I think it’s our new hat and coat rack. This is a sweet one snagged by Aaron:

January 2013 020

Clara loved playing in the water as Aaron saturated the strawberries.

January 2013 030

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