Updates and Bathdates

I sit here to write, or go to sleep—whichever comes first, and think of time. I thought I might find a nice thought about time to start us off, but the quotation I found and liked the most wasn’t going to set the mood: “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”  (I do love it when words get playful and show off how many parts of speech they can be in one sentence).

But, back to business because I’m working with a 10:00 p.m. deadline.  Some updates.


Cleaned the entire house this weekend WHILE watching both kids.

Is loved so much by all his elementary kids.  He’s putting on High School Musical and had over 150 students try out. 


Sees animals everywhere in our house. The latest discovery is the alligator in our air conditioner vents.

Today, she put her farm animals in the plastic carrier and walked outside, diapered and barefoot, and said she was going to “blast off.” She adds so much dazzle to our lives.

Continues to be really sweet with William.  He sits in the middle of the living room and she runs all around the house, popping her head around the corner to say “peekaboo.” He laughs uncontrollably.


Just ate 10 ounces of cereal and formula in one sitting. Someone get that child some mashed bananas or something.

Never stops smiling.

Really wants to crawl.


Loves teaching high school English. They’ve asked me to be the “English Academy Teacher,” which means I’ll teach a Science in Literature class next year to ninth and tenth honors kids who are in the school’s medical and engineering academies.  I get to pick all the novels and the new textbook, which makes me feel more powerful than I actually am.


We were all pretty sick last weekend, and this weekend, we caught up on some housework. So, no great pictures of the kids. Here’s a few of the pathetic, but strangely enjoyable, bath time they get together since we don’t have a bathtub.

(Now that the blog is invite-only and read just by family and friends, I feel okay about posting some cute bath shots.)

February 2013 008

February 2013 009

February 2013 011

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  1. Oh my goodness that baby looks so scrumptious. So does that big girl. When are we going to play in the sand again?

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