Still Here

We’re still here and aside from a few ups and downs with day care (they sent my very healthy baby boy home today because of a runny bowel movement; he is ironically the healthiest he has been since birth), we are too happy to be as busy as we are.

We’re starting William out on solids beyond the cereal in his bottle, and I’m re-learning some old tricks. He prefers his winter squash warm, for instance.  We’re not having a ton of luck with solids yet, but he knows what they are.

Here’s William discovering the exciting world of broccoli.

February 2013 002

And, a sweet, pretty girl eating her own dinner. Every night, when it’s time to brush teeth, Clara says she wants to be a baby because I told her babies didn’t have teeth.  Lately, my most successful approach to discipline has been to simply give Clara what she thinks she wants.  Doesn’t want to brush teeth because she’d rather be a baby? Okay—try that formula and cereal mix and see if you’re ready to give up your chocolate-covered bananas for dessert.  Don’t feel like reading books at night? Alright, let’s just go to bed.  It’s strange how, almost always, she doesn’t really want what she thins she wants. February 2013 009

It was a chillier weekend, you know, like in the sixties.  We still had a good time playing on the swingset, though.

February 2013 015

February 2013 016

It was also a weekend of acquisition.  We emptied this large Rubbermaid container of books and acted on what turned out to be a brilliant idea by Aaron. A new bath tub for Clara.  On special nights, we fill up the toddler spa for a bath you can actually sit in. Clara loves it.

February 2013 017

We also got William a crib.  In his twelve month clothes , he had outgrown his co-sleeper. 

February 2013 020

Clara had to show him immediately how much fun you can have in a crib.  They like to hang out there together and listen to Bach on the mobile.

February 2013 022

Clara got a new bath tub when the books got a new home—our first piece of customized furniture ever. We found a place when we were looking for a pantry that converted used furniture into “shabby” pieces of new furniture.  At their warehouse, we spotted a old headboard that they converted into a book shelf with sliding doors. We’re pretty excited. Now, we just need some stuff on the walls . . .

February 2013 026

I caught Clara reading Death of a Salesman and tried to snag a picture. Of course, she was quick to turn her head.

February 2013 027

Off to sleep now. William still likes his visiting hours at 12:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m..

Miss you all:)


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2 responses to “Still Here

  1. mpieh

    Thanks for the update. I recognize that cute green shirt with the apple on it. Miss you all too!! Bekah and I watched a short video clip today of she and Clara giggling and coloring at our kitchen table last spring. Funny how something can bring joy and sadness at the same time. Please give that girl a big hug and kiss from me and Bekah…we miss our buddy…her family too. 🙂

  2. samantha262

    Love the new crib, looks like the kiddos are happy and healthy! The new bathtub is genius. I love how clara always has a sippy cup of water next to her during bath time.

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