Spring I

We may very well spend our whole lives trying to be Catholic.  Recently, we realized we have a three-year-old who could go to Pre-K for her age group next year.  The options are endless, from keep her where she’s at to tell her to pretend like she can’t talk so she can get in at the free Pre-K for the developmentally challenged to pay what we pay for day care so she can turn into a good little Catholic girl. We have read up on a happy place called Trinity Catholic School and might start the VPK application process. They give preferential treatment to practicing Catholics, so guess where we spent Palm Sunday.

In a mass with hundreds of other families who may or may not have the same ulterior motives. There appears to be no such thing as a church nursery in the Catholic church, so we kept our little sweethearts in the pew with us as the priest read what seemed like the entire New Testament. But, they did okay. Clara only asked four times if it was time to go, before and after shouting, “It’s pizza time!” for whatever reason. All those little Catholic kids are pretty restless, though, so it wasn’t too awkward. 

A lot happens when you only blog once a month. I had a birthday, for instance. 

March 2013 016

I got a new-to-me bike and a new, cushiony yoga mat.  Clara immediately rolled out the mat and performed her Sun Salutations.

So, if Jeopardy! had a category called “Great Husbands,” Aaron could very well be the question to every answer. 

Great Husbands for 100, please, Alex:

A: Finds a gorgeous new bike on Craigslist for his wife.

Q: Who is Aaron?

Great Husbands for 300:

A: Washes the dishes every single night.

Q: Who is Aaron Lohmeyer?

Great Husbands for 500:

A: Made an amazing Tiramisu cake for my birthday.

Q: You know it.

March 2013 021

The best/worst part about all these spring birthdays is that we do not stop eating cake for months. 

Also, during this latest blogging lapse, my mom, sister, and nephew Jack came to visit.  Although some kind of stomach bug had us all bedridden for a few consecutive days, we still managed to have some fun.

Here’s Aunt Sam dancing with Clara in her roaring twenties get-up:

It has been the best spring break ever, and quite a nice little tease for the summer. The weather was chilly, but we had some indoor fun with some of Clara’s new birthday toys.

Here’s the father-daughter combo high-fiving after pulling off a great stunt with the new Hot Wheels set:

March 2013 024

Some kite-flying:

March 2013 001

And, a quick family shot on the night of my birthday:

March 2013 013


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2 responses to “Spring I

  1. That cake looks awesome! You guys look very happy. Happy birthday Sherry! Shoot. I wasn’t the best birthday rememberer this year… :/ Hope you enjoyed your time off!

  2. mpieh

    Great photos…especially the cake…yummm! And I loved hearing Clara’s laughter on that video. 🙂

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