Spring II

Aaron took the kids for the morning so I could give the house a good cleaning.  They’ve been out for almost four hours on one bottle, so I’m not sure how that’s working out, but it’s otherwise an ideal time to catch you up on the last couple weeks.

We had an easy-going Easter with a few egg hunts at school, at home, and at the neighborhood park. We shared a ham dinner among the four of us and talked about how Easter is the day when Jesus “felt better.”

William is crawling all over the place, pulling up, and even trying to take a couple steps between stationary items. His teacher at daycare is predicting he’ll walk by nine months.  This morning he pulled over a standing lamp and last night he knocked over a few drinks. It occurred to me then that we didn’t have to do an ounce of baby-proofing for Clara.  Where she was content to sit and stare, William has to hold and eat.

Clara spent her first day in day care all day in her underwear, e.g. not a diaper. We were all really proud of her, and I like having her teachers at day care to help us celebrate these accomplishments. 

Clara also has a little boyfriend at day care—Blake Jones.  I always catch them walking around the playground, holding hands and trying to go down the slide together. He is her new best friend.  She knows which is Blake Jones’ car, his mommy, his nap mat, his cereal box.  In general, at school, I can tell she likes boys more than girls. She’s a big tomboy.

She is also, still, a really good big sister.  On our twenty-five minute commute home, she spends the ride making funny faces at William or singing songs to him. She likes to tell me, “ I make Baby Willum laugh, Momma.”  She’s very protective over him and likes to feed him his bottles even though he’s been able to hold them himself for over a month.  The best part is she likes to hang out with him. They play together on the floor and in the crib. The first thing she asks when she gets up in the morning is if she can hug her baby. 

I can hardly remember when William was a little baby.  He is trying so hard to stand and walk, and, like his dad, he has the most even-keeled temperament I’ve ever seen.  He’s always happy, always content.  I think he and Clara–my feeling, dramatic, concerned, sensitive little muffy pants– will be a good balance for each other as they grow up. 

April 2013 004

April 2013 015

Above, Clara plays her version of dress-up, which is to pretend she’s going to work. 

April 2013 013

This is Aaron’s band, Thursday Night Music Club.

April 2013 020

My little girl at her neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  This is her “I know things” look.  Her favorite thing to do is to make connections. She’ll tell me that the pants I wear to clean the house are the pants I wear to yoga.  She likes the fact that, at day care, they all have pretty much the same car seat.  She loves it when the things in her book, like bicycle rides or kitchens, are the same as what happens to her.

April 2013 030

And this is her “I’m about to play a joke on you” look.  We can’t get her to count to ten anymore because, lately, her way of counting is “one, two (dramatic, conniving pause) FOURTEEN!”  She also likes to joke and tell me she has a “baby sister.”

April 2013 045

On a warm weekend, William and Aaron juiced up on vitamin D.

April 2013 049

April 2013 057

Aaron’s roommate from Davidson, Will, came for dinner last Sunday night. 

Below is video of when William first started crawling.

And, here’s Clara “eating” a cupcake.

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  1. nrmoore

    Thank you for these peeks of my grandbabies. I can’t wait until I get to see them again!

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