Haircuts, Memorial Day, Black Eyes, etc.

Friday was our last day with students, so I am hoping to update this here blog a bit more regularly through the summer. In the meantime, since we’re working the ten-o-clock hour already, here are a few to catch you up on May.

I took William and Clara to get their summer grooming.  William was better at getting a haircut than Clara. Halfway through hers, Clara said, “I don’t want to,” but fortunately, I had  a few Laffy Taffies in my purse to keep her seated. William, however, seemed to like the clippers surfing around his head.

I’m sad his hair is gone and didn’t intend to say “yes” to clippers, but it’s a long story—one that involves a certain three-year-old thrashing through my purse while the hair stylist too slowly scissored away at his locks.



After. Yes, even with the smile, it’s a bit sad.


Clara’s new thing is to wear overalls with William.

May 2013 002

She’s riding a bike now, thanks to Aaron’s early morning Saturday trips to the park while I stay back and clean the house, Tasmanian Devil-style.

May 2013 006

I was innocently walking down our English hallway when some rambunctious eleventh grader karate-chopped my temple with a door.  I had this shiner for a few weeks.

May 2013 015

My cutie.

May 2013 016

We went on a short but very sweet vacation with Tim and Sam and Jack. Actually, we crashed their vacation for a couple nights. Here’s Uncle Tim with the happy William.

May 2013 018

Clara practiced fishing with Dad and William on the dock.

May 2013 020

Out to lunch after a stroll through the perfectly quaint town of Ellijay, Georgia.

May 2013 021

The house that Tim and Sam rented was the most beautiful work of manmade art I have ever slept in.  I could get used to a hot tub on a lanai outside my bedroom.

I also like this one because William is always yanking Clara’s hair, and Clara is always being pretty tolerant.

May 2013 027

First try at a cousin shot. We’ll keep working on it. Clara is pretty protective of Baby Jack.

May 2013 034

May 2013 043

May 2013 044

The light’s not the best, but these family shots are few and far between. I thought it was worth a post, nevertheless.

May 2013 051

We had our first beach day of the season today. Pictures of that to come. Really.

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One response to “Haircuts, Memorial Day, Black Eyes, etc.

  1. nrmoore

    William and Clara look so sweet! I can’t wait to give them a hug. That’s quite a shiner, Sherry. And the student was suitably remorseful?

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