When There Wasn’t a Tropical Storm

As vowed, here are some pictures from our first trip of the year to St. George Island. (Aaron posted a lot of these to Facebook, but the blog medium allows me to indulge and post the same picture with multiple expressions.)

May 2013 056

Aaron is getting Clara revved up for some sandcastle making. I will remember the days fondly when Clara always had some kind of self-applied bandaid on her legs.

May 2013 060

During the great sandcastle construction, William thought it would be perfect timing to snag a sip of Clara’s Powerade.

May 2013 061

We did a lot of feet-burying.

May 2013 073

Also, lots of strolling along, looking for shells. (And, I know what the grandmas and Aunt Sam might be thinking: where are those kids’ hats? Well, I found them today, during the great summer clean-up, but no worries—we weren’t there for long and all of our scalps and appendages are still reassuringly pale.)

May 2013 071

Someone likes the camera . . .

May 2013 076

It takes us twenty minutes to set-up our beach site and twenty to tear it all down. We’re constantly rinsing sand off drinks and little hands. I’m paranoid I missed a spot with sunscreen.  I always bring a book that I never, ever read.  Still, it took a second child, but I feel converted.  This was my favorite beach trip ever, even with all the smashed blueberries that William tried to eat and all the times Clara pranced on my clean blanket with her sandy, wet feet. Right now, we’re swimming in love; the kids can’t get enough of us. We spent minutes and minutes and minutes sitting where the waves hit the sand. We stopped for ice cream and napped on the way home. Clara sang us the ABC’s fifty times. It’s a good life.

May 2013 077

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  1. What sweet family pics! Anna has a band-aid obsession right now too.

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