Boys and Girls

We are really enjoying our summer off. Here are a few pictures from the last week. More to come soon.

Without lunches to pack every night, we’re squeezing in some extra music time. 

June 2013 001

William adores his big sister. He follows her around the house all the time, and for the most part, she’s patient and sweet with him.

June 2013 002

Clara likes taking care of him. We had to switch our seats at dinner so that she could be William’s primary feeder. She keeps him in healthy supply of blueberries. He’s a terrible eater—actually terrible at the activity of eating. He refuses the spoon unless he can wipe its contents all over his face and insists on feeding himself everything.  But, he’s not a masterful chewer yet so it’s a tricky game we play every night—trying to figure out what foods are solid enough for him to pick up but not so solid that they won’t just slide down the wipe after one, maybe two, gum mashings.

June 2013 007

They love getting into trouble. Clara didn’t really know how to get into trouble until William came along. I remember when Clara was one she would carefully put everything away—books on the shelves, dishes on the counter, etc. William is the total opposite. I was putting dishes away last night and he systematically removed every single fork and spoon from the silverware holder. He looked up when he was finished with the most beautiful, boyish smile, and I thought, I will let that child do anything he ever wants.

June 2013 008

Doing his best with a strawberry.

June 2013 012

To wrap things up, Clara is growing into a sweet little girl. She likes to say, “I’m a good helper” and she is always randomly throwing her arms around our legs and exclaiming, “I love my daddy!” or “I am so happy.” She doesn’t like to try things that she knows should be easy but are hard for her. For instance, she’s getting pretty good at recognizing her letters, but she absolutely refuses to count when asked. Her feelings are hurt very easily if she is told “no” for doing something she thought was right.  Netflix thinks she’s a boy and is always suggesting she watch “Monster Trucks” and “Spiderman.” She goes all day at school without accidents but as soon as she gets home, she sneaks a pull-up on the way most people sneak a drink after work.  She likes to have a good pee in the pull-up and then it’s off again for bath, and we usually make it until bedtime without one. When she is sad, she will often say, “I need to hug my baby” and goes looking for William.

I remember always being a little afraid of Clara when she was a baby—will she cry? Will she throw a fit? What will she do when I have to tell her “no?” William, as boy babies in general might be, is simple and predictable. He’s crying because he’s either hungry, tired, or in need of Mom. He barely cries when he hurts himself. He smiles when you tell him to be careful or not to do something. Clara is endlessly careful; William is shaking book shelves and doing everything he can to get his mouth on the Windex bottle.


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3 responses to “Boys and Girls

  1. mpieh

    Sherry, thanks for your photos and your words…little windows into your family’s activities and the kids’ little personalities. Can I just say that I really, really miss being a part of that ever-day life?! I had a fun visit with Shaya the other day, and, when the subject of the Lohmeyers came up, we agreed that we both really, really miss all of you! What’s the saying though? Something like: Good friends are never far apart, as long as you carry them close to your heart. That’s definitely true…it just sure would be nice if there weren’t several thousand physical MILES between us. 🙂

    Much love to you all. Please give my little buddy Clara hugs and kisses from me, and tell her her old babysitter misses her. 🙂

  2. mpieh

    P.S. No guilt-trip intended…just want to make sure you know how much you’re loved and missed back in Alaska. 🙂

  3. Oh so true for my boys too. Predictable,yes, and also spinning wheels of destruction.

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