Florida Living

Last week, on the one sunny day of the summer here in Tallahassee we left at 1:00 p.m. and headed south for 1.5 hours to the beach.  We finished the day off at Beef O’ Brady’s since it happened to be their Kid’s-Eat-Free-and-Jump-on-a-Moonwalk Tuesday Night Special.

I read 2.5 pages while Aaron kept William from eating too much sand and helped Clara dump buckets of the stuff into a pile resembling a sand castle.

July 2013 024

July 2013 026

In a moment of profound weakness we stopped at the gas station and bought sodas all around at five times the price and a bag of chips. The sun makes you do crazy things.

This is Clara’s “okay, I’ll look at your stinkin’ camera for you” smile.

July 2013 003

July 2013 010

Off to post some of our New Orleans trip before I hear the faint “wah” and/or “Mama” coming from the back rooms . . .


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2 responses to “Florida Living

  1. nrmoore

    There’s nothing quite like the beach. Was that Clara’s mega soda?

  2. mpieh

    Love seeing photos and hearing updates from you guys, as always! You are never far from our thoughts…and often the topic of conversation. The kids love to talk about how we HAVE to go to Florida to see you! Wish it were that easy. Thought of you all several times this week as we’ve been up to our ears in salmon. That sure was a fun “processing” day we had with you a couple summers ago. We’ll have to do it again when you come back up to visit! 🙂

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