Give Me All Your Money

Just a warning that if you go to the French Quarter in New Orleans you will very likely have to pay most people for even accidentally looking their way. With all the horsey rides, cable cars, and street performers, it really is a fun place to take young kids so exhausted by the heat they can do little more than stare at everything from a stroller. But, it is an authentically crazy place. We were trailed by a guy who twists balloons for a living until we stopped long enough for him to tell us that if we don’t carry enough cash on us, we’re asking to get shot. The musicians that play at restaurants will take their break, hover at your table while you eat your French fries, and ask when and how much you plan to tip. On the other hand, we saw the sweetest proposal ever as a guy had organized one of those flash mob dance things where one person starts dancing and people join in.

Here are a few glimpses of our visit to the place where it’s hard to tell if people are living or dying to the fullest:

July 2013 039

Street performers paint themselves to look like statues. They stay unfathomably still until you, of course, give them a little money.

July 2013 041

July 2013 040

July 2013 046

July 2013 048

July 2013 055

Clara loves her Uncle Ray . . .

July 2013 077

. . .because he spent a fair amount of his weekend playing “keeper of the living room” with Clara as she tried to sneak in and out for hours at a time.

July 2013 073

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  1. Can’t believe we’re missing you all so perfectly! You were there for the week between the week we visited and the week we move. What a bummer! Sherry I feel ya on the backpack baby and how it’s just 15 degrees hotter to carry one in there.

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