Alright, Blog, I’ll Level With You

If you are reading this right now, there is a good chance you’ve noticed I have not written in, oh, about three months.  The pressure was building—there was suddenly so much to cover with our trip to Illinois, our trip to Tampa, William’s first birthday, Clara’s first day at her new preschool, another trip to the beach, every cute thing the kids were saying and doing. 

But, as I was writing my dearest friend Kelsey, it occurred to me that the blog will do as I tell it. I could, foreseeably, write only a sentence or two a day. I could post one picture at a time. So, that is the new goal—one or two sentences, one or two pictures, here and there.

I already loaded these pictures from our last day in Louisiana, weeks and weeks ago.  I went a little snap-happy on William’s cute face.

Oh, and William is now walking.

And, here are some things Clara has said that I hope never to forget.

When I or Aaron ask for a kiss goodbye, she will sometimes tell us she doesn’t have any more kisses in her mouth. Then, suddenly, “I do have a kiss in my mouth!”

A week or so ago, we asked Clara where she learned something. At your new school? At your old school? Neither. She said she learned it in her eyes. Apparently, it was something she saw somewhere?

Lastly, we are slowly brainwashing our child.  For awhile, she was watching The Fox and the Hound every day; recently, she’s taken to her old friend Anna’s favorite Caillou. She could watch that show for hours. When we told her it was time to close the laptop and pause Caillou, and we were asked the inevitable “whhhyyyy?,” we told her that tv slows her brain down if she watches it too often. (Oh, the things parents can put into the cute little brains of their kids.) So, yesterday, when it was breakfast time, Clara closed the laptop with gusto and announced her brain hurt because it was slowing down.  She really does believe everything we tell her.

Now, without sequitor, explanation, or apology, to some cute pictures of William:

July 2013 085


July 2013 088

July 2013 090

July 2013 091


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3 responses to “Alright, Blog, I’ll Level With You

  1. nrmoore

    Thank you for capturing some of the thoughts and activities of Clara and William. I was thrilled to see a new post although I certainly understand the major time constraints you currently have.

  2. mpieh

    Sherry, I hear you…and you read my mind!! Just last night I was thinking about the overwhelming task of updating my blog with photos and words to recap our ridiculously busy summer. But it’s too much…the thought of it makes my brain freeze. So then I started thinking…just one or two photos and/or sentences at a time…that’s doable. I love that we’re thinking the same thing thousands of miles apart…miss you dear friend. 😦

    On a positive note: I just started babysitting little Windsea full-time today…what a cutie! 🙂

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